• Here at W.S. Ryan we strive to provide our students with the tools that allow them an unmatched learning experience. Denton ISD provides W.S. Ryan with all necessary tools to integrate technology within the classroom. This allows our students the opportunity to have information at hand and provides our teachers with the tools to enhance their lessons and build upon their teaching styles in order to provide a better learning experience.
    Each classroom has at least five workstations, all with various learning software and an active internet connection for research and online educational sites. All internet content is filtered throughout the district in order to provide a safe and efficient learning experience for all students. Educational software is provided by the district that promotes excellent learning experiences in areas such as math, reading, writing, typing, and researching skills, as well as many other areas.
    W.S. Ryan has two dedicated computer labs, each with thirty workstations, as well as a projection system for group instruction and printing capabilities for all students. Other technology tools here at W.S. Ryan include a Distance Learning Cart, which allows students to attend and interact with classrooms from all over the world, CPS (Classroom Performance System) systems which allow teachers to create interactive tests that promote student participation, and an AlphaSmart cart which provides 30 individual mobile keyboards that teach typing skills and allow students to transfer their work from the keyboard to a computer in order to save their work or print it out.
    As you can see, Denton ISD strives to provide its schools with the most current technologies available that enhance learning in the classrooms. W.S. Ryan Elementary fully intends to utilize every tool provided in order to create the best possible learning environment for our students.