Chef Tonya Tivis
    Culinary Arts I & Practicum in Culinary Arts II Instructor
    Hospitality & Restaurant Management  Instructor 
    Office:  940/369-4883 or 940/369-4882
    Campus: 940/369-4850
    Conference & Tutorials: By appointment 
    Key Focus:   Our purpose is to provide a safe and positive learning atmosphere where you feel comfortable exploring the possibilities that may be available in one of the largest industries in the world.  We will help you learn and develop the skill sets and work ethics that industry leaders are looking for in today’s job market.  When you successfully complete the course you will have developed industry specific skills and professional work ethics that will allow you to flourish in either post secondary education or as a  entry level leader in the culinary industry.


    Texas Women's University
      Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
    AAFCS Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Science Concentration 8-12
    TExES Generalist 1 - 8  (specialization in reading)
    TExES ESL EC - 12
    TExES ART EC - 12
    ServSafe Instructor/Proctor
    Johnson and Wales Certified Culinary Essentials Instructor
    Graduate Studies University of North Texas  College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism
    Welcome to the Culinary Arts website for the ATC.  The links on the left contain additional information and assignments for Culinary Arts.  This will be my 14th year to teach in Denton I.S.D. and 15 years of teaching experience.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions concerning these programs.  I look forward to another excellent year here with Denton I.S.D.


    Course Information:
    Culinary Arts I & Practicum in Culinary Arts II
    GRADE: 11-12
    CREDITS: 2 Culinary I & 3 Practicum in Culinary Arts II  
    This laboratory course provides specific training designed to develop knowledge and skills for employment in the area of culinary arts. Instruction includes operation and management of restaurants, food service establishments, quantity food production skills, food preparation and presentation, service techniques, marketing strategies, and technology applications in the food service industry. Legal considerations, customer service techniques and career options are also addressed in the content.

    Hospitality Services I & II


    GRADE: 11-12

    CREDITS: 2

    This course provides occupationally specific training designed to develop knowledge and skills for employment in the multifaceted hospitality services industry. Career options in the industry, managing multiple family, community, and wage-earner roles, business procedures, laws, industry technology application, safety, sanitation, customer relations, and other knowledge and skills for employment in lodging operations and food and beverage operation are emphasized. Content includes an orientation to supportive operations such as sales and marketing, quantity food production, human resources, accounting, security, and engineering. Instruction may be delivered through school-based pre-employment laboratory training or through work-based delivery arrangements such as cooperative education, internships, mentoring, and job shadowing.






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