• FYTAThe First Year Teacher Academy for secondary teachers is designed to guide new to the profession educators and provide them with the support, training, and inspiration to become a competent, confident, and compassionate teacher, so that they make a positive difference in the lives of their students.  FYTA strives to build on the teachers' current educational experiences and trainings, apply those experiences to learning, and provide new knowledge and skills based on current research and best practices in education. 
    The program developed by Ginger Tucker, Heart of Teaching, is the foundation for this professional development.  The focus of the Academy is not on content specific pedagogy, but on effective instructional practices and strategies that all effective teachers use to be successful in the classroom.  Equal emphasis is placed on classroom management, working with parents, and the "heart of teaching."
    The continued successful implementation of FYTA, using the Ginger Tucker program as a basis for learning, should support first year teachers so that they will:
    • be convinced of the impact they have on the lives of their students
    • be prepared to start the first days of school with confidence
    • have a well-organized and managed classroom, conducive to learning
    • lead a classroom characterized by respect, compassion, and high expectations for student learning and behavior
    • create a learning environment that meets the needs of all students
    • plan, prepare, teach, and assess lessons in a way that leads to mastery
    • develop a partnership with parents for the benefit of students
    • exhibit professionalism in and out of the classroom
    • be supported and encouraged through a relationship with a trained mentor
    • support the goals of the Board of Trustees and the Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Staff Development Department
    • enjoy a healthy and happy first year.
Last Modified on October 20, 2015