• Joel Hays


    Greetings and welcome to the 2019-20 school year at Denton High School!

    I know I speak for the entire faculty and staff in saying that this will be an incredible year. This excitement was personified on Freshmen First day when the Class of 2023 walked the halls of DHS – those bright faces will have the opportunity to be the first graduating class from the new campus we are building on Bonnie Brae St!

    As with most school years, there have been district-wide adjustments to campus safety and security that need to be addressed. First, no third-party (Grub Hub, UberEats, Jimmy Johns, etc.) food deliveries will be allowed at any campus. Parents are still allowed to deliver food to the receptionist.

    We will also be conducting random metal detector searches throughout the year as part of our larger safety program (including evacuation, weather, shelter-in-place, and other drills). For security reasons, I cannot go into details of the metal detector searches but rest assured that they will be conducted with a minimal loss of instructional time.

    Grading and Assessment is always a question parents have at the beginning of school. This information is on our webpage, but I would like to address the main points. First, a student is eligible to re-assess a major grade IF the original grade was lower than a “90.” An “A” on an assignment constitutes mastery and a “90” has been determined to represent that benchmark. Likewise, a re-assessment will only be marked up to a “90.”

    In addition, the re-assessment window has been reduced to 4 school days from the date the teacher returns a graded major assignment. High school coursework moves quickly, and students need to keep up with the class while working through re-assessment. A detailed document of these assessment procedures is available on the DHS and DISD websites. These guidelines are also being thoroughly discussed in classrooms.

    Finally, please put the following dates on your calendar:

    • 9/06 – Purple Out (this is an after-school celebration of our first home football game)
    • 10/04 – Homecoming (we have a LARGE carnival during lunches, the game Friday night, and the Homecoming Dance at the Civic Center on the 5th). The Homecoming Dance is one of many events sponsored by our PTSA – please join!
    • 9/16 – Bronco Night (our “Open House/Meet the Teacher” night at DHS and includes presentations regarding advanced academic programming.)

    Specific details of these events will be available on our website and social media.

    If you have any questions regarding these procedures or events, please do not hesitate to give me a call at (940) 369-2000.


    Thank you,


    Joel H. Hays

    Principal - DHS