• Marquee Landscape Project


    Have you noticed the beautiful stone-shaped longhorn flower garden surrounding our Harpool marquee at the school entrance?  This project was made possible thanks to the initiative of a single student and the generosity of several local businesses. 


    Anthony P., HMS 7th grader, spearheaded the project to enhance our school’s landscape.  After contacting a local landscaping company and several other businesses, he created a proposal and plan that accents our landscape perfectly.  After the design was implemented, the student council has assisted in maintaining the flower beds.  We would like to take a moment to recognize the following companies for their contributions:

    ·         Crazy Daisy Lawn & Landscaping (donated design, labor, & $100 worth of plants)

    ·         BMR Pool & Patio (3/4 of a ton of Oklahoma stone)

    ·         Lantana Gardens (3 flats of flowers)

    ·         Meador Nursery (1 flat of flowers)

Last Modified on March 4, 2009