• Savannah Elementary is Not a Recycling Drop-Off Location


    Savannah Mascot Over the past several months there has been an increase in community use of the recycling containers located at Savannah Elementary.   Although we encourage all of our families to recycle at home, the school district pays for the containers located on the school property, which are provided for the school’s use, not as a community facility. 


    Families are welcome to participate in school-sponsored collection drives for recyclable materials, but the use of the school recycling containers as a drop-off site is not permitted.  Over the past weeks, community use of the recycling containers has resulted in a growing number of problems, including:

    1. Piles of materials left outside of the containers which blocks the recycling truck from accessing the container for collection.
    2. Contamination of the recyclables from large amounts of food waste and trash material.
    3. Hazardous waste present in the recycling container.

    The school earns money from the City of Denton for recycling participation in the Sustainable Schools Program and continued contamination of the materials threatens to diminish the school’s potential award money or possibly eliminate the recycling program from the campus.


    You are welcome to use the public drop-off recycling facilities for sorted materials provided by the City of Denton or the City of Plano at the locations listed below.

    City of Denton Recycling Drop-off Sites
    • North Lakes Park – Windsor Drive @ Hinkle Drive
    • Shady Oaks – Dallas Drive @ Shady Oaks
    • Cupboard Natural Foods – Congress @ North Elm
    • City of Denton Landfill – 1527 South Mayhill Road

    City of Plano Recycling Drop-off Sites

    • Davis Library – 2400 State Highway 121
    • Parr Library – 6200 Windhaven Parkway
    • Harrington Library – 1501 E. 18th Street
    • Plano Municipal Center – 1520 Avenue K
    • Haggard Library – 2501 Coit Road
    • Chase Oaks Church – 281 Legacy Drive
    • Four Corners Church – 2400 State Highway 12

    Accepted Recyclable Materials at Drop-off Locations (please sort):

    • Aluminum, Steel and Tin Cans
    • Office and School Paper
    • Junk mail (including envelopes with windows)
    • Newspapers and Magazines
    • Cardboard (no greasy pizza boxes, please)