• Student will use Adobe Flash to create animations, games, renders of the hand and face, create a website, place their work onto a website, create animations for cell phones, industry control panels, company logos, advertising, and local current business applications. A portfolio will be the student’s final product. 

Audio Video Production

  • Audio/Video Production is a course designed to provide training for entry level employment in the Radio, Television & Film industries. This course is designed to teach students the Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production phases as well as nonlinear editing using Apple’s Final Cut Pro Studio software. Assignments include events at the C.H. Collins Athletic Complex and taping of district and community activities and projects. Students will also prepare and create a project to be shown at the annual Feature Fest at the end of the year.

Commercial Photography

  • For the shutterbugs! For students who love to take pictures but want to take it to the next level – commercial photography covers everything from setting up a shot to delivering the finished product in a competitive market.  Students will develop knowledge of different types of cameras and lenses and their applications to photography. They will also develop the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze customer needs and preferences, apply the principles of art to photographs, and develop photographs using a variety of production processes.

Graphic Design & Illustration

  • A course for creative and artistic students, this course will appeal to students who enjoy designing and creating projects that communicate visually. Graphic Design and Illustration is a creative study of the art of visual communications and advertising through creativity, illustration, design, analysis, approach and technical skills. Students will improve communication skills by learning to communicate visually, describe and defend their work, interview clients, present completed layouts and develop electronic and a print portfolio.