• Volunteer
    Opportunities to volunteer vary continually throughout the year from baking cookies, working book fairs, chaperoning field trips, to helping put together class folders and parties. The choice is always yours based on your schedule. Any amount of time you are able to give to the school is very much appreciated by the students and staff.
    Email is the primary way Blanton communicates its volunteer needs to parents. Newsletters, flyers, phone calls and teacher communications are also used at different times during the year to inform about upcoming events.
    Blanton’s front office has a volunteer sign-in computer which all volunteers must sign in when on campus. Signing in allows the staff to quickly identify volunteers who are cleared to be in the building during school hours.
    Start volunteering today by filling out a volunteer information sheet (which can be obtained at the front office) and the district-required background check. Return the volunteer information sheet to the front office or your child’s teacher (the district background check is completed online). Doing this lets the school volunteer coordinator know you are interested in helping the school. Once the District approval is complete you are ready to volunteer at Blanton Elementary.