About Our Department

  • Information Systems

    Information Systems


    The NOC is your resource for 24/7 support and maintenance of the Denton Independent School Districts Network. We manage and maintain the physical and data infrastructure end-to-end.

    Our team is comprised of highly specialized and trained engineers to support the district's growing infrastructure and mission.


    Robert Pierce - Information Systems Officer

    Informatics Systems

    • Mike Tolson - Senior Informatics Architect
    • Cat Tanner- Informatics Analyst & District Rostering Administrator
    • Jennifer Michalewski - Informatics Analyst


    • Steve Arel - Platforms Architect
    • Cody Belcher - Platforms Analyst


    • Chris Johnson - Cybersecurity Architect
    • Casey Scott - Senior Cybersecurity Analyst


    •  Sean Roach - Systems Architect

    Network Infrastructure: WAN Team

    • Graham Walden - Network Infrastructure Architect
    • Reid Martin - Network Infrastructure Analyst
    • Norman Crawford - Network Infrastructure Analyst
    • Tanner Williamson - Network Infrastructure Analyst
    • Victor Ramirez - Network Infrastructure Analyst