•  Who Is This Man
    What Is He Doing ???
    Buddy Dunworth is:
    Hanging out in the Gym?
    Sticking with McMath?
    Tale of the Tape?
    Holding up the Wall?
    Our New Super Hero?
    Actually, our Assistant Principal, Buddy Dunworth, pays the price to McMath's winning fundraising students - letting them tape him to the Gym wall.  And it was all in the spirit of fun before the annual Student / Staff Volleyball game.
    We appreciate the efforts of all of our students in the Fall fundraising effort and in the good nature of Mr. Dunworth.  McMath is proud of them all.
    Oh, and the students prevailed in the game winning a well played contest with the best (?) of our staff.  Well there's always next year, right Staff / Buddy??
Last Modified on November 16, 2012