• Dottie McEuin

    phone: 369-2018




    Counselor for students whose last name begin with the letters L - R.


    (or experience)

    Bachelor of Business Administration w/ Education

    Texas Counseling (Life)
    Special Education K-12 (Life)
    Autism/Emotionally Disturbed (Life)   


    Graduated from Denton High School in 1962 and North Texas State University in 1967.
    Worked in the Glass Business with my husband for 20 Years.
    Started Teaching  with DISD in 1987 in Special Education.
    Began teaching at DHS in 1992 when it reopened as a 9th grade campus.
    Began my position as a Counselor in the Spring of 2001. 

    Teaching Philosophy:

    Children are our best assests, our future and our hope for tomorrow. Children will meet the expectations set for them and will learn to set high goals for themselves when they believe in themselves.  "I can't" is not acceptable in setting goals.  Encouraging youth to find their dream and their passion is my goal.

    Accomplishments or Personal Information –

    Hobbies, Family info, etc.

     I enjoy my grandchildren, going to movies, visiting with friends and staying at home.


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