Our Mission
    Learning for All
    Our Vision
    We accept collective responsibility to do whatever it takes for all students to learn and achieve at high levels, both in their academic and social-emotional development.
    Our Values
    1. Our school is a family. Building positive relationships based on mutual respect and consideration is the foundation of our success. 
    2. Parents, students, and staff are essential partners in our work. We welcome input and strive for open, transparent, and timely communication.
    3. We embrace all our kids as all our kids. We all can play a part in the success of every student. 
    4. We maintain high expectations for teaching, learning, quality of work, and behavior.
    5. We work to meet the needs of the whole child, including their academic, physical, social, and emotional development.
    6. We empower students to take leadership in their own learning and grow in their responsibility and independence.
    7. We value continuous learning for all students and staff members. We are forward-thinking in our use of best practices to meet student needs.
    Our Commitments
    In order to support our mission and vision, we commit to:
    •      Utilize ongoing data collection and analysis to drive instruction, intervention, and extension to meet the needs of all learners,
    •      Establish clear expectations for all students and staff,
    •      Consistently work with students in flexible small groups,
    •      Genuinely encourage students and one another with kind and positive attitudes,
    •      Form genuine relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and openness,
    •      Engage students in collaborative activities that are meaningful and relevant, and
    •      Utilize ongoing, meaningful goal and data-driven collaboration across content and grade levels.