About Our School's Core Beliefs

  • Pecan Creek Ideals

    Our Mission 

    Our Vision
    We believe that all students have unique potential for learning and succeeding in an ever-changing global society. We will support their social, emotional, and academic growth in a safe, respectful environment.

    Our Values

    • Creativity: “We will model creative thinking and honor the creativity we see in students’ work.”
    • Leadership: “We will create opportunities for students to learn and practice authentic leadership skills.”
    • Curriculum Development: “We will model high expectations for learning and involve students in their own learning decisions.”
    • Positive Relationships and Advocacy for Others: “We will honor students who exemplify helpful, supportive actions toward others.”
    • Character Development: "We will model and promote positive character traits in order to promote unity, collaboration, and success."
    • Diversity and Equity: “We will promote cultural awareness, acceptance, and equity.”
    • Resiliency: “We will promote and honor a culture of effort, hard work, and resiliency.”