Mrs. Leslye Hill

Phone: 940-3692197


Degrees and Certifications:

Texas Woman's University Bachelors in Kinesolgy with an emphasis in Adapted PE Certificate: All Level Physical Education Special Education

Mrs. Leslye Hill

Welcome to Coach Hill's Class 
As we start off the year, I am reminded that I'm not just an physical educator; I am a mentor, teacher,  and role model.  My main focus as a physical educator is not primarily to help students develop skills, but to help them become better educated on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle including exercise and nutrition.  Just as John Fitzgerald Kennedy states, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”   Physical education is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which helps keeps people happy and energized on a daily basis. Participating in sports, martial arts, dance or aerobics has positive influences on a student’s personality and helps boost their confidence.  I will educate students on the importance of physical education, nutrition and hygiene to promote healthy lifestyles in adulthood.

A Day:

1AB - Volleyball

2A - PE

3A -  Partner PE

4A- Conference

B Day:

1AB- Volleyball

2B - Confernece

3B -  Partner PE

4B - Academic Support
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