•  Cheryl Phillips Outdoor Learning Center

    Mission Statement

    ·         Incorporate a garden club into the Communities In Schools program. These students will work on maintaining and sustaining the garden.


    ·         Create a committee that includes teachers, students and parents. The main purpose of the committee will be to have many perspectives as we write grants and answer questions about the vision for the garden.


    ·         Create a space that will draw classroom teachers to integrate their learning with the elements of the OLC.


    ·         Seek and write grants that are relevant to the purpose of our outdoor space.


    ·         Install science tools that are tied to the TEKS into the garden (rain gauge, wind vane, thermometers, etc). So students can practice reading these tools and become familiar with the tools.


    ·         Donate the produce from the garden to students in need at Newton Rayzor Elementary and to the local soup kitchen.


    ·         Restore different garden areas with plant materials and other elements to redefine the different spaces originally set out in the plans for the OLC (shade garden, herb garden, Texas natives bed, raised bed area, shaded seating area, aquatic habitat, dry stream bed, weather station, butterfly garden, composting area, fossil bed).


    ·         Support and uphold the ideals of the National Wildlife Federation Certified Schoolyard Habitat and that of a Texas Discovery Gardens Certified Butterfly Habitat.