• Dear Parents and Students,

    John Guyer High School and Denton ISD are working diligently to collect as many volunteer hours as possible. In the past, Denton ISD has held the #2 position for total volunteer hours in the Nation.  Help us become #1 this year! Your volunteer hours benefit the students, teachers and staff. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE and every minute counts. Annual volunteer hours factor in funding, the district’s bond rating, district recognition, and exemplary state ranking.

     Volunteer hours are not just the hours worked in the building but anything that you do for the school or school organization. 

     For example:

    ·     If you make any kind of locker decorations.  All the hard work and time you have worked on making these items for the students count as volunteer hours (i.e. making costumes or sewing band uniforms, working the concession stand, preparing food, selling t-shirts, etc.)

    ·      If you go on an overnight field trip, each day is considered 24 volunteer hours. 

    ·     If you donate food, drinks or other items, those donations can be converted into hours (i.e. 1 case of pop or water would equal 1 hour of volunteer time.)

    Click this link to manually input hours worked or document donations made.

    You can do it whenever you want or and as many times as you want. Tally up hours for the week or month then enter. Whatever is easiest for you. Don’t have the link handy? Go to the Guyer web page under FOR PARENTS/VOLUNTEER HOURS SUBMISSION.   It’s that easy!

    Please don’t forget the next time you volunteer to input your hours. Every little bit helps. Thank you for all that you do. If you have any questions please contact me at guyervolunteers@gmail.com.


    Cristina Maria Scholte Ubing

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Guyer High School