• Attendance

    How to report a student’s absence:

    1. It’s not required for you to call to report your child's absence for one to two days. Instead please email an excuse for your child to nmsnotes@dentonisd.org or send in a note to the attendance office within 72hrs. The excuse should include your child’s full name, grade, ID number, reason for absence, date(s) of absence and should be signed.

    2. If your child is or will be absent five consecutive days due to illness or injury, a doctor’s note must be provided. Also, please notify and email your child’s teachers for missing assignments. For ongoing health issues you will need to contact the attendance office, school nurse, and your student’s assistant principal.

    What to do when you need to sign your student out of school:

    1. We cannot release your student from campus without a parent/emergency contact coming in to the school with their ID to sign out the student. A note must be provided. If, you have an older sibling that you want to pick up your student for an appointment please make sure that they are on the emergency contact list and are 18 yrs. of age. If they are not on the pick-up list you will need to email me authorization at csanchez@dentonisd.org to release your child. To add them as a permanent emergency contact email our Registrar Allison Dellinger at adellinger@dentonisd.org. Your email address must match what we have on file.

    2. To have your child waiting in the front office for you, send your child to school with a note stating the time you will pick them up. They will need to bring it to the attendance office to receive an early dismissal pass. Please note that picking up a student to go out of town will remain unexcused. Three unexcused/unverified absences within a four week period will generate a warning letter that will be sent home informing you that the absences will be turned in to our truant officer. 
    Use The Home Access Center (HAC) to view your student’s attendance, grades and homework assignments. You can also view tardies in HAC. The Tardy Policy is as follows: A student will be marked tardy who is not ready to begin class when the bell rings. Tardies, which accumulate on a nine week basis, will be handled separately from minor discipline infractions. Tardies will be counted across their classes, so if a student is tardy 1st period and then again in 6th period with a different teacher, those will count as their first and second tardies.
    3rd -7th tardy= Lunch detention on stage in the cafeteria
    8th and 9th = 1day of ISS
    10th or more = Parent/student conference
    The tardy count does start over each nine weeks.
    If you need help or have further questions please don't hesitate to call or email me.
    Thanks for viewing my page.
    Claudia Sanchez
    Attendance Clerk
    Navo Middle School
    1701 Navo Road
    Aubrey TX 76227
    Email absence notes to: nmsnotes@dentonisd.org

Last Modified on January 23, 2017