Run Fast, Turn Left  

    District Champions

    2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016  

    Regional Champions

    2006, 2014
    2014 - 4th Place Team in the State of Texas!!

      Mission Statement  

    The mission of the Guyer Girls Track and Field Program is to develop highly competitive teams of young ladies who represent hard work, selflessness, commitment, responsibility, and positivity on the track, in the classroom, and throughout life.

                 The Guyer Girls Track and Field Program will create an extraordinary team culture “through selecting, motivating, rewarding, retaining, and unifying members of [our] team, which includes athletes, assistants, parents, and others who help [our] organization” (Martens, 2003, p. 32).  It really does take a village to develop these young ladies into strong, empowering, and successful women.  Our coaching staff will meet with the team and parents prior to the start of the season to discuss the team handbook that defines our goals, expectations, and vision for the entire program.  We will work with parents to set up team building opportunities and service projects in the community.  We will also discuss the importance of trust, commitment, communication, and accountability within the team, parents, teachers, and coaches.  Everyone involved with this program has a responsibility to uphold in order to create and maintain a successful program that fosters growth through hard work.  Coaches and parents will understand their various roles needed to set positive examples for the young ladies on a daily basis.  When we work together towards a common goal, everyone wins.


    The Guyer Girls Track and Field Program will be a model program in disciplines that require zero talent, excel in the classroom, and be one of the preeminent programs in Texas. Upon completion, the young ladies will be well prepared to lead a meaningful, enjoyable, and successful life away from the track.

    “With proper leadership, sport programs produce young people who accept responsibilities, who accept others, and most important, who accept themselves” (Martens, 2003, p. 23).  In the end, our goal is to produce strong young ladies who are prepared to be successful in the real world.  This program will be led using the transformational leadership style.  Our goals as a coaching staff will be clear from the first day of practice, and we will set a high standard that will push the athletes out of their comfort zones on a daily basis.  Additionally, each athlete will write down individual and team goals for the season.  As a team, we will meet to discuss ways we will go about reaching these goals.  Throughout the long season, we will use these goals to remind the young ladies what they are working towards.  At the conclusion of the season, the coaching staff will meet with each athlete individually to reflect on the season as well as set goals for the following season.  If that next season of their lives will be in college, we want our girls to leave with a sense of pride in their hard work over the past four years and the confidence in their ability to achieve goals.