German American Partnership Program  @ Guyer High School

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    Both the Dentonites & Berliners are looking forward to our June reunion in Berlin.
    Schüler von beiden Seiten des Teiches freuen sich auf Juni. 



    * Announcements

    WCStudents: Our next meeting is February 17th at 8 a.m. in room B133. We will start at 7 pm. We will begin the process of deciding who is attending and with whom everyone will be partnered.
    Here is our GAPP Itinerary from last June.
    If you would like more information about GAPP @ GHS and our partner school the AvH in Berlin, please read this page and explore some of the links listed below and above to the left. Just below is the link to our partner school. The website is in German but on it there are two points of interest for you. Once you are on that website, the first point of interest is along the left side of the page: Ausflüge (trips). Click it and then click Schüleraustausch (student exchange). Click on the picture of Denton and from there you can see several photo galleries. The photos from 2006 when the German students were in Texas might be of interest as we plan the calendar for the fall. The other link is the Schulrundgang (school tour). You can click it and follow the arrows for a tour of our partner school.
    The GAPP link below is the official website for GAPP in the US and gives an overview of the international program.
    The links above and to the left are mostly photos of June 2007 when we were in Germany.





    * What is the exchange program?

    The exchange program between Guyer High School in Denton and the Alexander von Humboldt Oberschule (AvH) in Berlin, is a part of the German American Partnership Program (GAPP), which was established between the US Congress and the German Bundestag to foster dialogue between German and American youth. The exchange provides insight into the lives of Germans and Americans and a cultural exploration in a each other's country by attending the other's school and by being a part of the other's family.

    The program at GHS begins with the German students coming first to Texas in the autumn, spending three weeks in Denton experiencing American high school life, with a few side trips thrown into the mix. The German students are hosted for the three weeks by their American partners (the participating GHS students).

    In June of the following summer, our students travel overseas spending three weeks in Berlin (hosted by their former guests), attend classes, and soak up the culture of one of the most interesting cities in the world. Plus we throw in a few side trips into the mix (see above, left: Photos: Dresden and Saxony).



    * What's going on now?

    For a brief three weeks we hosted our German guests last October and are looking forward to the second half of our exchange. Our itinerary for our four weeks in Germany is available: GAPP Intinerary 2009.







    * Who's involved?

    The exchange is headed by Mr. Shade and open to students enrolled in at least their second year of German at Guyer.

    Email Herrn Shade.

    Homepage von Herrn Shade