Parent Lane will be DOUBLE/ ONE WAY TRAFFIC all the way through the lane until you get to the last curve before student drop off, then it goes to single lane.  ATHLETES will only be dropped off/ picked up by the gym during designated times.  ALL OTHER STUDENTS will be dropped off/ picked up by the GRADE LEVEL WINGS.

    Bus Lane will be in front of the school, in the "horseshoe" drive.  NO PARENT DROP OFF/ PICK UP in the front parking lot.  If you need to come in to the building you may still use the front parking lot.  (15 min Parking spots)


    Drop Off Locations


    Entering Building Procedure

    Students dropped off by parents will enter through grade level wings

    Bus Riders will enter through bus doors

    Walkers/ Bike Riders will enter through the bus doors


    Before entering STUDENTS MUST:

    1. Have mask on

    2. Have their backpacks WITH Chromebook in it

    3. School ID.


    When entering students MUST sanitize hands

    Students may grab a breakfast off of table if they want

    Student go directly to their 1st period class