• Professional Development Initiatives in Denton ISD
    As with other approaches, the 5E Instructional Framework organizes the facets of  an instructional sequence by labeling its critical parts. The 5 "E's" are (Explore, Explain, Evaluate, Extend/Elaborate, Engage). Like Madeline Hunter’s model and others, it guides teachers to plan for what needs to occur  during a cycle of learning.
    Because it is not linear, the 5E model allows for teacher creativity and response to student needs. Using a single districtwide model helps as it applies equally well to planning single lessons or entire units, provides a versatile tool for planning and instruction and subsequently provides a common vocabulary for communicating about instruction across the curriculum.

    The SIOP® Model offers an empirically-validated approach to teaching that helps prepare all students—especially English learners –to become college and career ready. As a framework for organizing instruction, The SIOP® Model supports teachers in planning and delivering high-quality instruction for all students.

    There are eight interrelated components to The SIOP® Model; which include:
    1. Lesson Preparation
    2. Building Background
    3. Comprehensible Input
    4. Strategies
    5. Interaction
    6. Practice and Application
    7. Lesson Delivery
    8. Review and Assessment