• Circle of Friends

    Circle of Friends is a program for ALL students who would like to develop more friendships, and/or help others learn to build relationships with peers. Each of us has unique and special qualities that can be shared with others. The Circle of Friends group facilitates opportunities to socialize with the intent of fostering a greater sense of togetherness with fellow classmates.  It is an opportunity for all involved to develop and enhanced perspective and empathy for others. 
    The group is comprised of "mentors" and "mentees" (i.e. those who would like to be mentored). Students who take part will help include others who wish to build more friends into the social fabric of Myers Middle School in natural "everyday" ways, as well as during special events. For example, mentors are expected to greet those who are mentored in the halls, say hi to them at lunch, or simply ask how their day is going. Students who are mentored will be taught these same skills so that they can reciprocate friendly gestures. Whether one is a mentor or mentee, we feel that all students will learn to be kinder to one another and more socially interactive.. Special activities will be scheduled throughout the year, for which some students may enjoy helping to plan and execute.
    2017-2018 Sponsor: Ticcara Cassell & Tammy McCoy