• Hodge Virtual Book Club
    Hodge Virtual Book Club
    Welcome to the Hodge Virtual Book Club page! Our teachers were awarded a $990 grant from the Denton Public School Foundation. With this money we are buying books so that 13 K-2 teachers can participate in a Virtual Book Club.

    What is the Virtual Book Club?
    It is an online community of parents, teachers, and caregivers who read books to their kids by a certain children’s author each month and then post their projects related to the books online. Members of the Virtual Book Club become part of a blog hop. We will be able to see all the work that’s been done by other members and they will be able to see our work.

    What is our goal at Hodge?
    Our biggest goal is to foster a love of reading and to put more books in the classroom. Each teacher will receive 15 books for their classroom by acclaimed and classic children’s book authors.
    Our 2nd goal is to become a part of the growing online community. We want to broaden our community and join in with other kids and teachers across the nation who are reading books too!

    Which authors will be studying?
    • January: Laura Numeroff
    • February: Paul Galdone
    • March: Marcus Pfister
    • April: Denise Fleming
    • May: Mem Fox