• Denton ISD Flu Season Response 
    Denton ISD is currently not seeing a substantial increase in flu and flu-like illness at this time. Attendance is normal for this time of year with some flu being reported.

    The district began in anti-influenza campaign in October by encouraging staff, students and parents to get the flu vaccine. Denton ISD sponsored eight free flu clinics for staff this year and more 1,100 employees were vaccinated. Many staff reported receiving flu shots from other providers.

    The district provided information to parents about free flu shots for children and adults that the Denton County Health Department provided.

    School nurses have been in classrooms throughout the district teaching hand-washing to our younger students and cough and cover techniques.

    Guidelines for parents about keeping their child home are available on our website.
    School nurses are monitoring the number of students who are seen with flu and flu-like illness symptoms as well as reports of cases they receive from parents. The custodial staff also is being diligent with cleaning.