• Student Email Accounts
    Students have access to two different email accounts - Office 365 and GMail - GHS will communicate through their GMail accounts, but know that you have two available.
    The Office 365 accounts have been used for a number of years.  Many students have been using them successfully, and we don't plan on changing those accounts any time soon.  Remember that you can get to an online version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc through this account.  The account can be accessed here using your ID#@dentonstudent.org and your computer password.
    The GMail accounts are used more frequently because we have been using Google a great deal - Google Classroom, Google Docs, etc can all be accessed the same way.  Students can see anything their teachers share with them through this account.  Your GMail (and Google) account can be access here using your ID#@g.dentonisd.org and your computer password. 
    Remember to always follow the guidelines set forth in Denton ISD's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or risk losing your network account.  These are in effect no matter who you email or communicate with while using your account.
    Questions or concerns should be addressed to lberney@dentonisd.org.