• Denton ISD Response To Intervention Initiative Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) and Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training
    Overview Of the Three Tiers of P.B.S.

    Texas Behavior Support Initiative:
    (RtI Tier 1 & 2)
    The Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) is designed to build capacity in Texas schools for the provision of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) to all students. The TBSI training modules assist campus teams in developing and implementing a wide range of behavior strategies and prevention-based interventions. The TBSI program is designed to provide intervention at 3 basic levels: School wide, classroom based and individual.  The program also includes information related to the use of time out and how to manage extreme behaviors. Upon completion of the course, individuals will be certified to train their campus level staff on the varying facets of P.B.S. ***The certification received in this training does not expire.
    Behavioral Toolbox for Teachers and Staff (Pre-CHAMPS training):
                                      (RtI Tier 2 & 3)
    The Behavioral Toolbox workshop is a two day training which focuses on the application of Positive Behavioral Supports (P.B.S.) for classroom settings. This program will provide participants with a vast array of positive behavioral strategies to improve overall classroom management. The course will also assist staff in the design of targeted strategies for individuals with significant behavioral impairments. The program will provide a framework for conceptualizing behavioral concerns, developing hypotheses about the functions of the behaviors and provide a set of research based techniques to effectively intervene. The Behavioral Toolbox and Toolbox-Advanced courses are open to all staff. The Advanced course places a heavier emphasis on the CHAMPS methodology. ****This program is recommended but not required for TBSI core team members.
    Coming soon CHAMPS training components to the toolbox: An intensive set of proactive and dynamic behavioral management and prevention tools that can be utilized to enhance your campus' capacity to promote positive behavior change in students.

    Crisis Prevention Institute Training:
    Nonviolent Crisis Intervention is a safe, non-harmful behavior management system designed to help human service workers provide for the best possible care and welfare of assaultive, disruptive, or out-of-control persons even during the most violent moments. During this training individuals will be provided with an array of positive behavioral techniques that can be utilized during crisis situations.
    The CPI Refresher courses are only open to those staff that have successfully completed a CPI course in the previous school year.
    ***The CPI program is required for all TBSI core team members. 

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    Substitutes for CPI Training are the responsibility of the campus and will be deducted from the campus allotment.