McMath Middle School

    Technology isn't just a word at McMath Middle School - it's an experience!

    McMath is rich with technology. Every teacher has a computer in the classroom to facilitate teaching, help with record keeping, and home/school communication. All classroom computers have high speed Internet access, district wide connectivity, and a large display tool for teaching. In addition, we have four computer labs available for large group and whole-class projects.

    If you were to walk the halls of McMath, you would most likely catch our teachers and students using technology. Teachers integrate their curriculum by using technology as a tool. PowerPoint presentations, WebQuests and Internet Scavenger Hunts, Jump Slides, Spreadsheets and Data Bases as well as pod casts and blogs are among the popular choices used to make learning meaningful and exciting.

    Our students use the technology available to compile research into a word processing program, create and present PowerPoint and Digital Stories, and storyboard the elements of a novel with Inspiration. They use the Internet for individual and collaborative research, digital cameras to document science experiments, and video recording and editing equipment for Public Service Announcements.

    In order to stay successful with the use of technology at McMath, we work as a team to make sure each student and teacher receives the best possible training and resources available. McMath has five specialists that are eager to help both teachers and students alike. To learn more about their role in campus technology, visit their websites by using the navigation on the left side of this page.
    The McMath Technology Team:

    John Rogers - Instructional Technology Specialist
    Matt Davis - Campus Technician
    Tana Payne - Technology Education / Gateway to Technology
    Anna Modrow - Media Specialist / Librarian
    Robin Looney - Technology Applications
    Instructional Technology: