• GHS Parents,


    Our district has purchased an SAT Online Preparation Course for every Secondary student. Friday, August 25, 2006 our students were introduced to this and were shown how to log into the site. The training will be complete by Tuesday, September 5, 2006.


    Students will be able to log into the SAT Online Course from school, home or anywhere they have internet access:


    Through this site they will be able to:


       Take 6 practice tests with over 600+ questions


       Receive detailed personalized feedback on all practice tests and quizzes


       Take 18 interactive lessons, which cover the SAT math, critical reading, and writing sections


       Review explanations of answers to all questions on the online course and to all 8 practice tests in The Official SAT Study Guide Book.


       Utilize the auto essay scoring feature that provides immediate, computer-generated scores for all essay prompts, The Official SAT Study Guide, and the SAT Preparation Booklet and Center.


    These are all fantastic features that will help our students improve their SAT scores. We hope that you will encourage your student to utilize this tool.


    In order for our students to register for the SAT Online course each student needed to have an EMAIL account. Currently, students are not able to access outside email accounts such as yahoo, msn, hotmail etc. from within Denton ISD.  Because the students would need to check their email from school, we decided to create a safe and secure email account for each of the students.


    The email system that we are using is gaggle.net. Gaggle allows students to check email from school, home, or any where they have internet access and will allow staff members to MONITOR all student transactions. In addition, students and staff will be able to email each other.


    Gaggle also includes a CLASSROOM chat room, locker for storing files, message boards and allows the students to send attachments. Right now we have selected to turn off the chat room and message boards. If there is a need, at a later time, your students may have access to these features.

    In addition, GHS created an Online Student Safety Pledge. Each student was asked to watch the Online Student Safety Pledge Video, sign the pledge and a copy was emailed to each student.


    The SAT Online Course Video and the Online Student Safety Pledge Video are located on the GHS site, in the student section. We have also included the links to the SAT Online Course and Gaggle on the GHS home page.


    We hope that your students enjoy these new features.