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    Valuable lessons is a mentoring program that provides adolescent boys with caring, passionate adults who work alongside young men to help develop young men in the areas of leadership, professionalism, community services and faith.

    What we offer:

    Support Young men in this program will be placed with an adult mentor that will support students in their academics and extra-curricular activities.  Our mentors are oftentimes advocates for the students they mentor and being that our mentors are teachers, coaches, administrators, and other community leaders, students in our program will have a very broad base of support rather at school or in the community.

    Willpower - Our mentors are dedicated to the success of the young men in our program.  We firmly believe that in order to be successful you must possess some amount of WILLPOWER.  To us WILLPOWER is the ability to deny immediate gratification in order to meet long term goals. We WILL do everything in our POWER to educate all our young men on the benefits of being a man with WILLPOWER. Every young man will understand the value of being self-disciplined and having goals.

    AccountabilityOne of the most important aspects of being a member of Valuable Lessons is accountability.  We believe that accountability comes from being responsible for our actions and decisions.  So we will teach all of our young men decision making skills and what it means to be honest and to have integrity.

    Guidanceyoung men in this program can expect to receive guidance in the areas of education, faith, social life, career building and community service.  Through our mentor meeting times we will have conversations focused around professionalism, goal setting, leadership, sports, dressing for success and learning how to interact with girls.  Our goal at VALUABLE LESSONS is for every young man to “MEET AT THE TOP” in every aspect of their lives.