Watch D.O.G.S. at W.S. Ryan Elementary

    How to get involved?

    Step 1 ……………… Complete the Volunteer Application on the Denton ISD website:

                                    Volunteer & Mentor Program

    Step 2 ………………. Sign up for Watch DOGS on the calendar or on the Sign-up Genius website (coming soon):


    W. S. Ryan needs your help.  We welcome you into our school.

    Here are some things that you could do if you volunteer for Watch DOGS:

    ·        Wear the official Watch DOG shirt.  We can let you borrow one if you do not have one. They are available to purchase.

    ·        Check in with the receptionist in the front office.  *You must have scheduled your time with the teacher so they are aware you will be there to help.

    ·        Help with arrival of students by car.  Open car doors and greet our great students.

    ·        Monitor hallways and entrances to the school.

    ·        Assist in supervision of lunch and recess.

    ·        Have lunch with your student.

    ·        Read with your child’s class when appropriate.

    ·        Read or tutor with individual or small groups of students.

    ·        Assist Specials Teachers when your student goes to specials.

    ·        Be a part of PE as much as you want.

    ·        Assist your student’s teacher in any way that is needed and appropriate.

    We need you and want you to be involved on campus at W.S. Ryan Elementary.

    For part of a school day or a full day, partner with us in the education process of your student.

    Thank you for learning about WatchDOGS.

    Bill Watkins


    PE office – 940-369-4623                  Cell – 214-668-9589