• Cross Oaks Parent Handbook 

    Dear parents,
    Welcome to Cross Oaks Elementary! At our school, we understand that education is a partnership, and we know that it takes the support of parents and the community working in collaboration with the school to help all of our students reach their full learning potential.
    Our parent handbook can be found by following this link:

    Cross Oaks Parent Handbook 2019-2020

    The Cross Oaks parent handbook is meant to be a guide to parents to help them support their child’s education at school. Keep in mind that as a general reference guide, it is designed to be a companion to established board policy and the district student code of conduct. As such, this handbook is not a complete statement of all policies, procedures, and rules that may be applicable in all circumstances. In the event that district policy (student code of conduct included) and this parent handbook conflict, current district school board policies are to be followed.
    Students and parents should become familiar with the Denton ISD student code of conduct, a document adopted by the school board and intended to promote both school safety and a positive atmosphere for learning. Parents and students review the code of conduct and acknowledge receipt during the annual electronic registration process. That document may be found HERE.
    This parent handbook is updated on an annual basis, and changes may be made in policy during the school year. Any updates or changes will be communicated to parents and students through newsletters or other means. The district reserves the right to modify provisions of this handbook at any time deemed necessary, and notice of any revision or modification will be given as is reasonably practical under the circumstances.
    We hope that the contents of this handbook provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to be an active partner in your child’s education this year. If you have any questions about any material contained in this handbook, please contact Mrs. Maxwell or Mrs. Hart at (972) 347-7100.
    Thank you for sharing your child with us this year! We promise to do whatever we can to provide a safe and healthy learning environment each and every day. 
    Shelley Maxwell
    Katie Hart
    Assistant Principal