Our Adopt-A-School Program

  • Adopt-A-School 

    Dear Community Member,

    Braswell High School will be opening its doors in the fall of 2016. Until then, I will be working with staff members to build our culture and generate excitement about Denton ISD’s fourth high school. This kind of endeavor cannot be accomplished by Denton ISD employees alone. We need the support of the community.

    The 380 corridor has welcomed Braswell High School with open arms; this is greatly appreciated. Our next step is to create working partnerships with local businesses and community members. Attached is a Braswell Adopt-A-School agreement for this school year. Although we do not have students this year, we anticipate events where students and faculty/staff are involved before the 2016 school year begins.

    Agreeing to adopt Braswell High School means that you are making a commitment to help in any way you can. For example, business can donate money, food, or items to give away. There may also be times where we may be in need of volunteers. When Braswell High School is in need of community help, we will email our adopters with our specific needs.

    If you are willing to be one of our awesome adopters, please fill out the this form (electronic or by hand) and send it to me by mail or email. Thank you in advance for your help in making Braswell High School great.

    Lesli Guajardo