5th Grade Orchestra is such an awesome opportunity for you to continue your music education while learning how to play a stringed instrument. At the Elementary level, you get to choose how to play either the Violin, Viola, or Cello.
    If you are already signed up for orchestra, I can't wait to meet you!
    If you haven't signed up yet for orchestra, it's not too late!  We still have a few openings!  Return your form now to save your spot.  And, I'll visit the 5th grade classrooms the first week of school to be sure everyone knows about this fantastic opportunity to learn a stringed instrument in 5th grade. 
    Check our website throughout the school year for orchestra news, event updates, forms and handouts.
    In the 1st six weeks of school, students should be practicing correct posture, learn the parts of the instrument, the names of the open strings, and pizzicato.  We will also begin using left hand notes after the first few weeks.  Please help your young musician set up a practice space and time that is relatively free of distractions.  They should start with practicing each new concept 10-15 times. 
     This 6 weeks, students should be practicing:
    1. Posture, left hand and right hand pizzicato position
    2. Open strings 
    3. Instrument parts 
      CONTACT INFORMATION for Ms. Dominguez
      Phone: (972) 347-7583
      Email: sdominguez@dentonisd.org