Common Questions About Braswell High School

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What grades will the school open with?
      Braswell High School will open in the fall of 2016 with freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

    2. Who will be zoned for Braswell?
      Although attendance projections are still being studied, the Braswell attendance zone will very likely be the same attendance zone as Navo Middle School. Students who went to Navo will attend Braswell. This includes current ninth and 10th grade students who attend Ryan High School or Denton High School. The rezoning plan is scheduled to be shared with families in October, and feedback will be solicited before a decision is made by our trustees.

      Denton High students who are in the IB program will be allowed to remain at Denton High until graduation. Siblings of those students may apply for a transfer to Denton High as long as the older student remains in the IB program.

    3. What kind of academic programs will be offered?
      Braswell will offer the same academic programs except IB that the other Denton ISD high schools offer, subject to enrollment requests. This includes Advanced Placement classes, Dual Credit classes, and special education classes.

    4. What kind of sports will be offered? Will there be varsity teams?
      Braswell will offer the same sports programs for both boys and girls that the other Denton ISD comprehensive high schools offer. When we open our doors in 2016, our sports will field teams at the varsity level. The number of student-athletes in each sport will determine the number of sub-varsity teams.

      Our vision is to have sport-specific booster clubs starting this school year. Eighth, ninth and 10th grade parents can begin thinking about how to be involved. More information will come soon.

    5. What kind of extracurricular activities will be offered?
      As with academics and athletics, Braswell will offer the same kinds of extracurricular activities that the other comprehensive high schools offer. This includes dance (drill team), marching band, choir, theater, and cheerleading.

      Our school will also have many of the same student organizations as the other high schools. This includes Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, TAFE, FFA, etc.

      The development of many organizations will heavily depend on students’ interest. If we have many students interested in a chess club, then we will have a chess club. 

    6. What is the pedestrian walkway plan?
      The school district will develop a comprehensive pedestrian plan before the opening of Braswell. The plan is dependent on traffic-related issues that are still being considered by TxDOT. One of those issues includes our request for an additional traffic signal on U.S. Highway 380. The plan will continue to be updated as more information becomes available so it provides for safe travel for students to and from the high school. The District has committed to busing any student who lives on the northern side of U.S. 380. 

    7. Will the building be open to the community?
      Yes. We know that the campus will be a premier facility for our students and a focal point for our families living in that area of the district. Tours will be scheduled for the community and the building has been designed to accommodate school and community events. However, use of district facilities for non-school purposes is arranged through our Operations Department depending on availability and established rental rates. 

    8. When will you hire teachers?
      We will post what positions are available on our website. An applicant can also look at the Denton ISD website. Right now the following positions are posted:
      Associate Principal
      Lead Counselor
      Assistant Principal (pool)

    9. When will the stadium built?
      The Bill Carrico Athletic Complex will include a 1,000 (500 per side) seat stadium for middle school and JV games. A funding request for a full stadium was not included in the 2013 Denton ISD bond election used to build the campus. Plans to add additional classroom space and build a full stadium are planned to be included in future bond projects, subject to need and community approval.

    10. Will the entire building be open by the first day of school?
      Our construction plan is for the entire school to be ready for the first day of school, but that will be subject to potential weather delays that can be anticipated but not controlled during a two-year construction project. Our construction team continues to work six days a week to have the school ready for students by August 2016. 

    11. I have more questions! How do I contact the school?
      Braswell High School’s office number is 972-347-7700. Principal Guajardo’s can be reached via email at Coach Moore’s email address is

      Feel free to email Principal Guajardo your question and she will contact you directly and/or put your question on the FAQ section of the website.

      Principal Guajardo will also send out emails through School Messenger. This system pulls emails from your registration information, so please ensure your email address is correct through your current school’s registrar.

      You can also stay connected through social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Braswell website (this website) is located at