• BYOD at Braswell


    Braswell High School is committed to developing a technologically relevant and engaging learning environment for all students by providing them with the opportunity to develop the resource sharing, innovation, communication skills, and tools that are essential to both life and work in the 21st Century.
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    Students will be issued a district Chromebook, but are able to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at Braswell High School. The device can be any piece of technology that allows students to access the Internet through the Denton ISD WiFi & engage in the learning in the classroom. Suggestions for devices include:

    • Laptops
    • Chromebooks

    Please note: A cell phone is NOT considered a sufficient device.

    Teachers and students will use web-based applications like Canvas and Google Drive to enhance student learning and collaboration. All apps and websites will be free for students to load and use. A starting list of apps and websites that students will use at Braswell are posted below. Connect with Braswell High School to find out about the great opportunities we are preparing for our students!

    Apps and websites recommended for BHS students:

    • Canvas - A web-based learning management system that allows teachers to electronically create classes, communicate information, distribute assignments, and send feedback in one central place.
    • Facebook - “Like” the Braswell High School Page to receive information on the great things happening at Braswell.
    • Twitter - Follow @braswellhs for the latest information about Braswell and its many programs such as theater, band, and football.
    • Google Drive - Every Denton ISD student will have a Google Drive account. Students who do not know how to access Google Drive or are new to Denton ISD will be provided that information in August.
    • Google Docs - An online word processor that lets users create and format text documents and collaborate with others in real time.
    • Google Sheets - An app that lets users create and modify spreadsheets, collaborate with others, and share the data online.
    • Google Slides - An online presentation app that lets users create, edit, and present work in a visual way.
    • Google Drawing - An online drawing app that lets users work together in real time to create charts, mind maps, and other types of diagrams.  
    • Kahoot - A game-based learning platform used for quizzes.
    • QR Scanner - Any QR scanner will do.
    • Padlet - A virtual wall of sticky notes perfect for classroom discussions.