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Bachelors in Bus. Mngt. Masters in Ed. Admin.

Mrs. Melissa Love


1AB  English I

2A Conference   9:51-11:21

2B English I

3A English I

3B English I

4A English I

4B English I

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    English I Syllabus

    Welcome to English I and Ryan High School!  This course is designed to give you the fundamental skills and knowledge you will need to be successful as you progress through the upper levels of English in your high school career.  You will study many different kinds of literary genres, from American poetry to Shakespearean drama.   You will also become familiar with literary devices; you will learn how to recognize and analyze them for their effect, as well as how to use them in your own writing.  There will be a strong emphasis on grammar and the mechanics of writing in this class, which will serve to strengthen your skills as a writer.  All of this will help you become the champion that RHS expects you to be.

    Literary Overview (subject to change)

    Semester I

    1st Quarter

    Narrative Structure and Short Stories

    Heroes, Gods and Monsters

    Expository Essay


    Short Answer Responses


    2nd Quarter

    The Odyssey

    Narrative and Expository Essay


    Short Answer Responses

    Semester II

    3rd Quarter

    Romeo and Juliet

    Expository Essay


    Short Answer Responses

    4th Quarter


    Expository and Persuasive Essay

    Short Answer Responses

    Fahrenheit 451


    Materials Needed (Bring to class EVERY DAY)

    • Blue or black pens (preferable to pencils)

    • Paper (college-ruled)

    • A notebook or binder with dividers for the following sections:

    1. Daily Agenda

    2. Idioms of the week

    3. Literature Notes

    4. Grammar Notes

    5. Vocabulary


    Major grades count for 60% of your grade, and Minor grades count for 40% of your grade.  Each quarter you will have at least three Major grades, and at least nine Minor grades (probably more).

    Late Work: If an assignment is not turned in on time, it will be entered as “missing” in the grade book and will be counted as a zero until it is turned in.  **You will not be able to re-take any minor assessments for this class.

    Test re-takes: If you want to re-take a test, you must attend at least one tutorial session with me first. You may also be required to complete an extra assignment.  You need to show me that additional learning and effort has been made before you are allowed to re-test. The test you re-take will not be identical to the first one you took.  All re-takes will be taken during designated tutorial times.

    Daily Agenda/Absent Work

    Every day when you enter my room, the day’s agenda will be displayed on the overhead.  You will copy this agenda in the appropriate section of your notebook every day.  This will help you stay organized and on top of things, especially as homework assignments and reminders will be included in the daily agenda as well.  

    All of the daily agendas will be recorded in the ABSENT WORK BINDER on my desk.  If you are absent, it will be YOUR responsibility to check what you missed the day(s) you were gone, and to collect any assignments from me before or after class.

    Idioms of the Week

    An idiom is an expression that means much more than what it says. Example: It’s raining cats and dogs. We will be writing down 2-3 idioms per week in our binders. These idioms will help all of us to better understand the English language.

    Literature & Grammar Notes

    These notes sections will be used on a daily basis. We will take literature notes as we read poems, short stories, plays, etc. and we will take grammar notes as we cover different parts of speech and punctuation.


    New vocabulary will be introduced about once a week or as we start a new piece of literature, and we will have regular quizzes over these words.  There will be between five and ten words each time.  

    Book Reports

    Every quarter, you will read a book of your choosing outside of class and complete a book report using a format I will give you.  These will be due toward the end of the quarter.  These will count as Major Assessment grades and MUST BE COMPLETED OUTSIDE OF CLASS.

    Classroom Expectations


      • If you bring an electronic device to class, you will need to place it in my cell phone holder. If I see your electronic device out at any point during class, I will be keeping it until the end of the day. 

    • Be respectful of everyone at all times.

    • Be respectful of all RHS property.  This includes desks.  Do not draw on them.  If I catch you drawing on a desk, YOU will clean it.

    • Remain seated until you are dismissed.

    • Always sit in your assigned seat

    • Only use language appropriate for school.  No cussing, derogatory, or discriminatory language of any kind will be tolerated.  

    • No bullying of any kind.  

    • No primping- combing or brushing hair, applying makeup, body spray/perfume/cologne, painting nails, etc.

    • If you chew gum and I can see, it- you will lose this priviledge.

    • Always follow all instructions the first time they are given.


    • 1st offense: warning

    • 2nd offense: seat change/ phone call home

    • 3rd offense: detention/ phone call home

    • 4th offense: conference with parent/ counselor/ office referral

    *Some offenses may warrant an immediate office referral, if the behavior is severe enough.  Examples include extreme disrespect, any act of violence, profanity, or any type of bullying behavior.


    Don’t be tardy.  The natural consequence of being tardy is that you will miss the day’s agenda and any warm-up activity, and you will have to make those up on your own time.  The other consequences are as follows:

    • 1st tardy: warning

    • 2nd tardy: phone call home

    • 3rd tardy:  conference with parent/ counselor/administrator


    It is extremely important that you not miss class.  It is very easy to fall behind if you are absent.  If there is an emergency and you need to miss class, we will follow the RHS late work policy, which states that you get the number of days were absent plus one more to get your late work turned in.  So, for example:

    1 Day absent = 2 days to turn in work

    3 Days absent = 4 days to turn in work

    YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING THE WORK YOU MISSED WHEN YOU WERE ABSENT.  I am here for tutorials every morning after 8am. Come in the day after you were absent to get your assignments. DO NOT ask me what you missed during class.  

    Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask!  You can reach me anytime by email:  My phone number at school is 940-369-3053.  My tutorial hours are:


    Monday - Thursday morning starting at 8:00 am.  I generally do not hold after-school tutorials.  If you really need to come and see me about something and you absolutely cannot come in the morning, please speak with me, and we will try to schedule something that works for both of us.

    When you do attend tutorials, please sign in  so I have a record of your attendance.

    This is going to be a wonderful year. Please feel free to meet with me during tutorials if you ever need help with anything we are learning or have learned in class. I know a lot of you are going to be involved in extracurricular activities throughout the school year. Let’s make sure you are keeping up with your learning in order to be able to participate all year. Go Raiders!!
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