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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology

Mrs. Regina Baggett M.S. CCC-SLP


I am the Speech and Language Pathologist here at Wilson.   The best advice I have for the parents of the students that I serve is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!  Practicing those target sounds for even 5 minutes a day makes a tremendous difference in your child's progress.  The repeated review allows that skill to generalize much faster.  Some ideas for quick practice at home:

-having your student say his/her practice words in the car while you're driving.  If you don't have a list, you can just make the words up!

-When reading with your child, tell them you will listen to for their target sound for one page or one paragraph.  Listening and correcting them for an entire book may be too overwhelming for you and your child.

-Throw or kick a ball back and fourth, saying a target word each time.

-Have your child say his target words while you are cooking dinner.  That's a great way to knock 2 things out at once!