• COVID-19 Closure: Updates To Grading

    During this time of campus closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our primary goal is to support the health and well-being of each student.

    As we work daily to support our students, our staff will view assessments through a new lens: equity for all students and no negative impact for students. We take this time to dig deeper into the content of our core subject areas, focusing on student relevance.

    When it comes to learning in the coming weeks, our goal is to help students master the curriculum content while receiving meaningful teacher feedback. 

Denton ISD Grading Guidelines During Closure

  • Elementary Grading Guidelines

  • Secondary Grading Guidelines Transition on April 13

  • AP and Dual Credit (High School Only)

FAQ - Grading Changes During COVID-19 Closure

  • Will my child receive grades for online learning?

  • Will students still have to take the STAAR test and End of Course STAAR exams?

  • How will the promotion/retention of my elementary child to the next grade level be determined?

  • What about the Class of 2020 Commencement Ceremony?

High School Academic Achievement Guidelines: Semester Grades and Awarding Credit

  • Semester Grades and Awarding Credit during School Closure

  • What does it mean that the teacher will verify course proficiency for Q4?

  • So it’s possible that a student can earn a passing grade for the 3rd quarter but not receive credit for the course right away?

  • My child has a failing grade for the 3rd quarter. What do I do now?

  • What about semester exams?

  • Why can’t my student earn extra points for the work he did during school closure to bring up his semester grade?

  • My student worked hard on his assignments during school closure. Can’t he be rewarded for the work he is doing, and shouldn’t students who didn’t do any work have a grade reduction?

  • Why are you adding extra points for some students?

  • How will I know if my student is in a course that will be adding the additional “historical data” points?

  • Why use the 3rd quarter grade?

  • I think that my student would have raised her grade from the 3rd quarter grade to the end of the semester, and now she’s lost that chance. What else can be done?

  • Why can’t we just do Pass/Fail like some other districts are doing?

  • Could we just not count this semester toward GPA and Class Rank?

  • I’m worried that grades from this semester could hurt my student’s chance of getting into college?

  • How are grades being recorded during school closure?