• Ms. Keeling's classes are expected to adhere to the following class rules:
    1. Be on time to class.
    We begin class promptly and work through the class period. Latecomers do themselves a disservice with a late start to the day's assignments and to their classmates in the time they take from the scheduled lesson in this type of class disruption.
    Punctuality is a desireable trait in business and in personal interactions, and will practiced in this classroom.
    2. Be ready when you come to class.
    Students should come prepared to work, to learn, and to apply themselves to the tasks given in this class setting.
    3. Be respectful.
    Students are expected to be respectful toward the teacher, respectful of the equipment they have been allowed to borrow in order to learn, and respectful toward their classmates. Disrespectful behavior will carry consequences for the transgressing student.
Last Modified on August 14, 2018