Software Standards and Approval Process

  • Procedure for Software Approval

    ***Please be sure that you follow the software approval process prior to creating a new software vendor.


    It is important that the approval process be followed to ensure that campus software installed is aligned with curriculum goals of the district.  Additionally, the software will need to be tested to ensure it will work on the district devices and network.  

    The software approval process is as follows:

    1. A teacher must fill out the form below and submit that form to the principal.
    2. If approved by the principal, the form and any CD's will then be intercampus mailed to Instructional Technology.
    3. If approved, it will be sent to an Application Analyst for testing on district devices.
    4. If the software will work in the network, the campus will then receive an email of the approval for installation or purchase.
    5. Any software listed in the DISD software list is approved for purchase by a campus or for installation following proper licensing requirements.
    6. Personal Purchases of software can not be installed on district computers.

    Approved Software (Google Sheet)