Phil Stubbs, Keynote Speaker
    Phil Stubbs
    Keynote Speaker: July 25th

    Phil Stubbs has extensive global expertise in the education sector having worked on innovative projects with schools, education districts and government departments in the UK, the USA, China, Australia, Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific region; developing partnerships with educational bodies to successfully implement change. His expertise lies in supporting teachers, schools and education districts in managing change in support of local, national and school agendas and in keeping with recognised best practice. His focus is on the systematic integration of new technologies and associated pedagogies in to the broader educational ecosystem, ensuring that compatibility and planned, sustainable development produces innovative practice and new opportunities for teachers and learners. He works at government, system and school level, understanding that any initiative must relate to measurably improved outcomes in line with curriculum standards and C21st pedagogy and practice.

    Phil has published articles on technology and learning in the UK and overseas and served as Consultant Editor for QED publishing on their “Let's Start ICT” series.