Goal 1 – By spring of 2014, all educators will routinely infuse technology through curriculum to ensure that all learners are prepared for competition in a global society.

    Objective 1 – Denton ISD will continue to revise, create, and implement standards and learning objectives using technology for all content areas that reflect 21st-century expertise and the power of technology to improve learning.

    Strategies –

    Objective 2 – Denton ISD will continue to implement learning resources that capitalize on the flexibility and power of technology to reach all learners anytime and anywhere.
    Strategies –

    Objective 3 – Denton ISD will use advances in learning sciences and technology to enhance the National standard of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning and develop, adopt, and evaluate new methodologies with the potential to inspire and enable all learners to excel in a global society.

    Strategies – STEAM – add the arts and how it enhances STEM