Goal 2: Increase effective integration of technology through personal and professional development to engage all learners.

    Objective 1 – The district and campuses will provide high quality, on-going professional development so that educators will effectively integrate technology in the teaching and learning process.

    Strategies – LoTi Framework; TIA

    Objective 2 – The district will provide training to develop a cadre of teachers who will become digital mentors/leaders at their campuses.

    Strategies – digital leaders should be identified and contacted for training; trainings scheduled every six weeks; TIA

    Objective 3 – Professional development and integration of technology will be supported via PDAS and PLCs.

    Strategies – look at PDAS Domain II.9; ProjectShare

    Objective 4 – A variety of professional development will need to be offered to meet the needs of all DISD staff.

    Strategies – look at H.E.A.T. and LoTi Framework; TIA; webinars; distance learning