Goal 4 – Denton ISD will provide adequate technology infrastructure to meet the instructional needs of students, teachers and administrators that will allow them to succeed in an ever-changing environment.
    Objective 4.1 –DISD will provide sufficient equipment to meet state and district standards based on staff and student populations.
    Strategy -

    Objective 4.2 – Denton ISD will continue to maintain a standard base-line for instructional and administrative software

    Strategy – allow open educational resources to promote innovate and creative opportunities for all learners

    Objective 4.3 – DISD will provide the necessary building space, equipment and support structure to maintain and expand the DISD infrastructure
    Stratefy -

    Objective 4.4 – DISD will maintain the infrastructure for continued access of files, software and accounts for students and educators.

    Strategies - Live@edu, ProjectShare, Moodle, Network accounts, Public wireless access

    Objective 4.5 – DISD will continue to maintain a district wide disaster recovery system.