• Technology Advisory Council
    Student Agenda – Meeting
    Led by: Robert Bostic, Leslie Taylor and Carolyn Thomson



    1. To review where Denton ISD is with its technology and planning

    2. To review what the national technology plan is for the United States

    3. To get written and ongoing feedback from students (like each of you) at each high school to help District Administrators to develop Denton ISD's long range technology plan

    Outcome Expectation
    • Formulate ideas on how Denton ISD can help you take charge of your learning with the use of technology.


    • 2 Million Minutes | Early Trailer | Part 1 (6min) | Part 2 (7min)
      Use note cards to record your thoughts. What resonates with you?
    • Summary Comparison of National Education Technology Plan and Denton ISD Technology Plan | Entire Video
    Review Group Norms
    • Watch your air time-give everyone a chance to speak
    • Listen attentively to others in the group and stay on topic
    • Respond respectfully to others in the group about the topic being discussed.
    • Take nature breaks as needed
    Divide and select roles
    • Leader: gets discussion moving and keeps it moving, often by asking the other group members questions, sometimes about what they've just said.
    • Recorder: records responses on paper within small group and transfers to chart paper at appropriate time.
    • Summarizer: after each question, provides a summary of the discussion for other students to approve or amend.
    • Timekeeper : makes sure the group stays on track and gets through a reasonable amount of material in the given time period.
    • Spokesperson: ready to summarize the group's progress and findings to the instructor and other committee members/groups.
    ALL group members are expected to participate in the discussion of each topic.
    Student Activities: