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    the Denton ISD Student Acceptable Use Policy Page
    What is Acceptable Use Policy?
    An Acceptable Use Policy, also known as AUP, is a contract between the user (student) and the service provider (Denton ISD).
    In Denton ISD every student and their parent or guardian must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in order to use technology. This policy is located inside of the DISD Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct. 
    Before signing the  Statement of Receipt form, we ask that every student view a short video and fill-out an online AUP Agreement.
    Let's Begin: (You must complete all three steps)
    Step One:  CLICK HERE to watch the AUP Video (6 mins)
    Step Two:  CLICK HERE to read the AUP Policy
                            taken from the Student Code of Conduct Book (PDF)
    Step Three: CLICK HERE to fill-out the Online AUP Agreement
    Now What?
    You and your parent or guardian should sign the Statement of Receipt form found in the Student Code of Conduct Book and turn it in to your school's front office. 
    If you do not have a form, you can download it by CLICKING HERE 
    Please r
    eturn the completed form to your campus within one week of enrollment.
    Your Campus Teacher Technologist (CTT) will be in contact with you regarding the activation of your account.
Last Modified on August 21, 2009