League of Friends

    Sponsors: Dr. Laurie Harrier & Mrs. Linda Kniatt

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    What is League of Friends? League of Friends is an innovative mentoring program matching students who need social support (such as help making friends, help keeping friends, feeling included, and/or have a desire to have fun & do typical teenager activities) with student peers who have strong social skills. 


    What is its purpose? The League of Friends program recognizes that the social aspect of High School is a very important part of development and maturity therefore enhancing the overall experience of school.  The League of Friends purpose is to nurture the acceptance of all students and appreciate unique abilities throughout our campus and community. 


    Is this unique to Guyer? No, but it is the only high school in Denton ISD to have the program.  Attempts are currently being made to expand the program to the other two high schools within Denton ISD. 


    Where did League of Friends start? League of Friends is actually an affiliation of Circle of Friends that was started by The Arc of Sedgwick County.  The overarching purpose of Circle of Friends and its affiliates is to provide special education students with the opportunity to gain confidence and friendships through a mentor relationship with another teen. All Circle of Friends programs pair regular education students with special education students in a mentoring relationship that is social in nature. No one is excluded so at Guyer we have expanded the program to include anyone needing or wanting social help. The mentoring aspect is designed to function in a reciprocal manner where mentors gain confidence acting as a leader, while their peer with special needs gains the support and guidance of a regular ed. peer.


    Is this a club or a class? The League of Friends is a volunteer social club that is after school.  To access the activities you will need to join and complete all the membership requirements. 

    Can I receive community service credit? Yes, the sponsors will sign forms if you want community service credit.  Sponsors also will keep their own attendance for each event.



    How do I join? Several items are required before membership is finalized. 
    • You may join League of Friends by completing the appropriate application (Bud or Mentor) located on this site or located at B144 at Guyer HS. 
    • Additionally, you will need to return the Parent Permission Letter (also located on this site or located at B144)
    • Pay $12.00 for annual dues (which will included receiving a t-shirt
    • Attend a mandatory training session (if being considered for a mentor position) or a mandatory orientation session (if being considered for a Bud). 
    • Have your photo taken

    What is my actual commitment if I join? Due to the mentorship relationship that is formed we ask that you commit for the 2010-2011 school year. This is approximately 10-15 hours a month.  We hate to leave someone without a bud or a mentor during any event so we are asking that all students who join the League of Friends please be at all required activities unless prior approval has been obtained from the sponsors.  Please see the LOF handbook for more specifics about attendance in LOF.


    Who do I contact if I have questions?

    ·         Stop by B144 at GHS

    ·         Call Dr. Harrier @ 940-369-1050 or email @ lharrier@dentonisd.org

    ·         Call Mrs. Linda Kniatt @ 940-369-1048 or email @ lkniatt@dentonisd.org

    Items of Interest:
    League of Friends promo video clip  /cms/lib/tx21000245/centricity/Domain/734/LOF08.wmv