•                                      FIND MY SCHOOL

    Please read all instructions before using the School Finder tool.
    1. Type in an address: Put the number and the first few letters of the street name (WITHOUT using Avenue, Street, Lane, etc.)
    2. Choose one grade: Choosing All Grades can give you confusing information.
    3. Program Box: Leave blank
    4. Click "go": If you get a list of street names to choose from, click on the street name that most closely matches. You will be given the school that students should attend in this current year for that grade (some addresses and newer developments may still need to be added to our system).

    You also have the ability (once the school board approves boundaries) to look up what school an address is for the next school year. By changing the Program box to "next" and clicking on "go," you will get the school boundary that address is in (for that grade) the next school calendar year.

    If you cannot find your address or have any problem or questions, please call the Transportation Office at 940-369-0300.

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