•                                      SCHOOL FINDER

    Please read all the instructions below before using SCHOOL FINDER

    1. Type in an address: Put the number and the first few letters of the street name (WITHOUT using street, lane, etc.)
    2. Select one grade: Select one grade level at a time to receive accurate information.
    3. Program Box: Select NEXT.
    4. Click "go": If you receive a list of street names to choose from, select the street name that most closely matches. You will be shown the school that your student should attend in this current year for that grade level (some addresses and newer developments may not have been added to our system yet).

    To view schools for the next school year (once the school board approves attendance boundaries), change the Program Box to "next" and select "go". Then you can view the school for the grade of the next school calendar year.

    If your address cannot be found or you have any issues or questions, please contact the Transportation Office at 940-369-0300.