• 7-1 Team Information
    Hello and welcome to the 7-1 site!
    Core Academic Team:  Mrs. McClurg - English     Mrs. Driedger-Reading       Mrs. Mercado-Math (Team Leader)     
    Mr. Railsback-Science        Mrs. Simon- Texas History Reading
    Specialists: Ms. Barnett              Ms. Taylor                                             Expo:Mr. Burgess
    ESL Team: Ms. Westbrook- Math              Ms. Cortes - English and Reading
    Office Support: Mrs. Francis - Assistant Principal                                  Mr. Adams- Counselor Team 7-1
    Contact Information and Tutoring Times
    Morning tutoring times—7:45-8:10 (Student needs a pass to get to tutoring)
    Afternoon tutoring times—3:35 - 4:00(Parents/Guardians must arrange student transportation)
    Ms. McClurg
    Wednesday PM
    Friday during lunch
    Ms. Driedger
    Tuesday AM
    Ms. Mercado
    Tuesday PM
    Wednesday AM
    Coach  Railsback 
    Monday-Friday lunches (AM/PM to be announced)
    Ms. Simon
    Social Studies
    Thursday (PM)
    Ms. Cortes
    ESL reading
    Ms. Westbrook
    ESL math
    Core Team General Rules and Procedures
    Tardy Policy: 
    Teachers will follow the school tardy policy as stated in the handbook.The first and second tardies are warnings. The third tardy will result in parent contact. The fourth tardy AND every tardy after will result in an after school detention. Tardies reset to zero at the end of the semester. Tardies will not be counted until September 6th to allow everyone time adjust to the new school year.
    Supply Policy:
    Students carry a personal reading book and a pencil at all times. Students arrive to individual classes with the appropriate supplies for that specific class in addition to the book and pencil. Bathroom Policy: Students sign out of class using a log book in the classroom and carry a restroom pass to the restroom; students will sign back into the class when they return.
    Student ID:
    Student IDs must be worn around the student's neck. IDs just be worn at all times. If a student does not have an ID, they will be sent to the office for a temporary sticker to wear the remainder of the day. Stickers costs 25 cents per sticker. Student Sign-out: Students must document when they leave and come back to the class for any reason in the log book.
    Food in Hallway:
    Students are not allowed to eat, drink, or carry open food or drinks in the hallway. Water and clear liquids are allowed in the hall and classroom.
    Missing Assignments:
    When assignments are due and a student fails to turn it in or is absent, MSG will be marked in the computer gradebook, HAC. Parents will receive an automatic e-mail about the missing assignment. If the assignment is not returned after two days of the due date, the student will receive a mandatory tutorial notice by e-mail to parents or by hand to the student if the parent does not have e-mail access. If the student continues to neglect their responsibility, the parent will be called and an improvement plan will be put into place.
Last Modified on May 1, 2018