Team 7-2
  • Team 7-2  Welcome to Our Website There is so much to see, and we're excited your're here! We're looking forward to great year with our students. By navigating through each of our pages, you'll find current information that is vital to the academic development of your child. Click on the links to visit individual classroom sites.  Be sure to visit us often for updated information about MMS and Team 7-2. Included below is valuable contact information, should you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for stopping in! Laura Threfall Science  (940)369-3356 Steven BabcockEnglish (940)369-3357 Virginia Ginn Texas History (940)369-3360 Michel HiltonMath (940)369-3359 Jerry Oslin Reading (940)369-3358 Beth Helgeson English/Reading Special Education  (940)369-3317 Tim Threlfall Math Special Education  (940)369-3317 Brian Adams (940)369-3310
    Tutorial Schedule 
      Mr. Babcock (English) Tuesday and Thursday 7:45-first bell
     Mrs. Ginn (History) Tuesday 3:40-4:10 and Friday 7:45-first bell
     Mr. Hilton (Math) Monday, Tuesday 3:45-4:30 and and Wednesday 7:45 to the first bell
     Mr. Oslin (Reading) Tuesday 7:45-first bell and Thursday 3:35-4:00 p.m.
     Mrs. Threlfall (Science) Tuesday 7:45 -first bell
     Mrs. Fox (ELAR Inclusion) Monday and Friday 7:45-first bell
     Mr. B       (Math Inclusion) 
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